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    When did the “End” begin?

    by Donna Kaye
    Freedom - Outside View

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    I wonder . . . do we know when things began to fall apart? Was it slowly over time or was it from the beginning? I’ve come to believe it began with “the choice.” Who is this special man that I chose, believing he would bring me happiness forever. I recall so well my Mother’s wise advice as I planned my wedding, she suggested that I might wish to wait longer . . . not that she didn’t like my husband-to-be, she did. Later I learned she feared we might grow apart – out-grow each other, and if not, then it would be right, and we would be better equipped for the challenges of marriage. But, I was “in love” and refused to hear. She was right, of course. (Aren’t mothers always right?) And happiness? No one else is responsible to make us happy, that belongs solely to us. I don’t mean to say a wrong choice can’t be successful, but it surely sets us up for a struggle that few survive.

    Divorce is difficult – even when we realize it is inevitable, perhaps even desired. Precious time has been lost . . . “time,” the one thing none of us can recover. So waste no more, let go of the pain, the bitterness & anger . . . forgive the both of you and move on to live again . . . life anew!

    "Better by far that you should forget and smile – than you remember & be sad."
    - Christina G. Rossetti