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    What did I need (and expect) from my ex-husband?

    by Donna Kaye

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    Did I even know . . . or did I just believe love conquerors all?  (Those darn feelings again.)  Honestly, as I reflect on my engagement, I thought no further than those delicious feelings.  Those words of endearment, he adored me.  Was it my youth?  Maybe in part, but obviously not exclusively, as women of all ages make the same mistake every day – and far too often over and over.

    I expected this euphoric feeling was forever . . . our marriage compass.  “In love” meant a lifetime of good feelings, adoration, niceties, shared plans & goals, and a family to adore.  So simple!  Oh sure, I knew we would have our disagreements – lover’s spats – but they would quickly be overcome and within hours or at least a couple of days replaced by “hugs and kisses,” and promises of sorry and total forgiveness, as always.  Forgiveness, really?  Possibly, but unfortunately more likely acceptance not fully dealt with, but instead unknowingly shelved. . . left to grow into those hurts and resentments that fester to indifference and certain destruction.  A “get even” attitude. DIVORCE and heartbreak.

    What do I need from a husband?   What do YOU need from a husband?

    "“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give –
    which is everything." "
    - Katherine Hepburn