• My Story


    My Story

    I’m a Southern gal and cherish my roots. As much as southern hospitality is a part of who I am so is “love and marriage.” Perhaps it is a part of my DNA or simply learned, either way it is me; traditionally what is expected of a good Southern wife. We ladies of the South love being “in love” with our man, and all too often lose ourselves to make him shine. It’s intoxicating – and the southern way!

    I believe in Marriage

    SassyFullFigurefor me, one of life’s greatest successes is to be married to the man of your dreams, your knight in shining armor…the “love of your life” for a lifetime — and still be in love ’til death do you part.

    Unfortunately, long, long ago this perfect plan fell apart, the bubble burst and the Wus’band®, the ex-husband, was born.

    We all have a story (I have two); the details may differ, maybe not, it does not matter. Wus’bands® come in all sizes, temperaments and styles…and so do we. Most are good men at best and very naughty boys at worst…but then we aren’t perfect. Together we simply didn’t last.

    It may not be your story perhaps it belongs to your friend, mother, sister or neighbor. If so, join them – with encouragement and support – love them as they pass through this difficult chapter to “life anew.”

    Divorce is not the end of your life…nor is it the end of your purpose in life

    Own it, cherish the good memories, forgive and move on; don’t sacrifice one more precious day of living. While painful, it is the beginning of self-discovery and freedom exclusive to Wus’band® Survivors. It is your time, time for you to find the person you may have given up, lost. The Wus’band® site was not created to be your counselor or judge, we’ll leave that to the experts, but instead a source of understanding shared through our common experience, and driven by laughter as we rebuild our lives. It is our signature…a period to an end. Wus’band® is a collection of smiles and laughter in the heartbreak of goodbye — that divine healing ingredient that ensures a smarter, better NEW life for you. Share the fun, let us laugh – even through tears for a time – but together make a statement. Wear it, Carry it or Send it!