• What is a Wus’band®?

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  • gals, what were we thinking???

    How we arrived does not matter – IT'S OUR WORLD! Divorce may be new to you, in process or perhaps you're well-seasoned.

    Let us laugh, play & celebrate! FREEDOM is your NEW beginning… to a smarter, better you! Free to love again, yes?!

    Throw a farewell party – and finally – put a period to HIM!
    Together we make a statement…Send it, Carry it or Wear it!

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  • Wus’band® Survivors

    Wus’band®Collection Ltd is dedicated to divorced women …


    We’re all about “Dancing” after the fall…celebrating a new beginning. We haven’t failed, but survived, and we’ve got something to talk about! Our “frank and fun” quality products are affordable and send the “last word” with heartfelt laughter.

    Wear it, Carry it, or Send it! Give a party and celebrate. Life is NEW after divorce, let us shout our message… and DANCE again.

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  • Wear it, Carry it or Send it!

    Wus’band® is a collection of “smiles and laughter” in the heartbreak of goodbye – that divine healing ingredient that ensures a smarter, better NEW life for you.

    Ladies, let’s share the fun, let us laugh – even through tears for a time- but together make a statement. Wear it, Carry it or Send it!

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  • life anew

    Divorce may not be your story, perhaps it belongs to your friend, mother, sister or neighbor. If so, join them – with encouragement and support - love them as they pass through this difficult chapter to “life anew.”

    Choose that “just perfect” Greeting Card, Tee with attitude or adorable Linen Guest Towel….all designed to produce a smile and exhale…with that all important “last word” she so deserves.

    Divorce Greeting Cards

Divorce Greeting Cards. . . .Absolutely the Last Word!